1、 traditions

My grandmother was born in Fujian, China.She moved to Indonesia at a young age and ended up working as a maid for somany years, she doesn’t know how to read. My grandfather was a toilet cleanerand was also born in the same province as my grandmother, didn’t even graduateelementary school.


They saved tons of money and didn’t wasteanything. My dad told me that he used to eat cold rice, tahu and tempe, andcheap food. He used to help his parents selling ice cream, newspaper. They keepanything that can be sold like aqua bottles, paper, etc.


After years of working as a maid, theystarted a small business, bought a house. When my dad was 17, he went to Canadafor university, later the US for his master degree.


My grandparents are already dead. However,they lived comfortably during their retirement and had several houses, not justone.


I am so glad that I don’t have to strugglelike they did and I absolutely appreciate their sacrifice. I feel ashamed thatI don’t have to do anything else except finishing my engineering degree inCanada.


There were tons of Chinese maids, but theyworked hard and didn’t waste any cent.


I am not ashamed that my grandparents weremaids. They worked hard and they acquired their money. I am proud that theyaccomplished something that most people can only dream of.


2、Welly Reagan

[My brief background] Hi, I’m Chinesedescendant, born and grew up in Indonesia. My mother’s n father’s family wereboth poor. They had to split 1 small salted fish to be eaten with 8 othersiblings, with porridge, so yeah they were poor.


[Answer] actually there are a few Chinesehousemaids in Indonesia but I’m sure outsiders will rarely see that. 




1、Poor Chinesegirls will mostly stay at home for cleaning, helping her parents making snacksto be sold. while the boys will go out to a far place to make money.


2、As far as I know,Chinese in Indonesia are very good at taking care of their hygiene and looks.So if they are not highly educated, they can still be waitress or sales girl.


3、Since we areminority in this country, we are functioning like a big cooperative. So when aChinese owned store/company has a vacancy, it will be spread among familiesfirst, then among closes chinese friends. That also works for the maid vacancy:it will be filled by family/relatives that can be trusted more than outsiders.


3、Rohana Siti,

My Father in Law sell salt in market.. Hehas a chinesse worker, but he already quit along ago, and now he has a stall insame market, Pasar Legi Solo.. And his bussiness (chinesse descendant) grow bignow.. Many of them are a hard worker..


1、In era Orba (OrdeLama) Chinesse descendant is difficult to be civil servant, so many of themchoose to be traders..


2、In Indonesia,white is beauty, many chinesse descendant has a white skin, so it will feelstrange or awkward if we have maid or laborer from chinesse descendant.


3、A long time ago,they are an emigrant from a far place, which have difficult condition to livein stranger country like Indonesia. And many of Chinesse descendant is a hardworking.


4、Dave Hodgkin

The Chinese Indonesian community came as traders and brought aculture of egalitarian entrepreneurship with them. While the Javanese emergedfrom a hierarchical subservient society and brought that to the table. 


It’s asrare to meet an entrepreneurial driven javanese as it is to meet a subservientaccepting Chinese indoensian. Also the strong family networks in Chinese indoensiancommunities, helps ensure that entrepreneurial spirit can find the financialsupport it needs and trading networks to flourish and survive, while javanesefamily networks dependent on patronage and support have the reverse effect


I hope my answer doesn’t offend anyone asit is not intended to, but rather is based on observation.


5、C. Michel de Wilde

being maid is not a traditional job thatchinese people will choose, even if they are from relatively low economicclass. They probably prefer to make money through trades, no matter how smallthe margins are.


6、Albert Kam

I’m Chinesedescendant,my mom used to be a hired maid for anotherchinesefamily, doing household chores, doing babysitting. Afterthat, she went into doing factory works along with garment side projects.


So i guess it’s not 100% true that thereare no chinese maids. Continuous self-improvement is the instinct of Chinese people.


7、Timothy Soh

I’ve seen domestics helpers who are Chinesedescent hailing from Surabaya.


She lives in a small house next to a creekand my mom hired her as cook for our family. But since fifteen years ago, shedecided to leave the job and building her own small food catering business.




I think everything is decided by education. Chinesedescendant attach great importance to education.


2、The Last of the Mohicans

Yes, they have brought their own cultural traditions to the world, including education!


3、Audino Chen

Chinese people prefer to spend their time earning wealth, rather than just being obsessed with enjoyment. Their sense of family responsibility is very strong, and family stability can bring wealth savings.


4、North American Wizards

From the crime rate, we can know why the Chinesedescendant can always develop, obey the order and work silently. The nation is worthy of awe.


5、Asroq Khotaminur

I am surprised that they never fear hard work. I am sure that their sincere work is enough to make any nation in the world feel ashamed!


6、Arif Affandi

Although I don’t like Chinese restaurants very much, I am always willing to make friends with friendly Chinese people, which makes me feel safe.So they have no reason to stay at the bottom of society!



Most of the time, they are full of wisdom, not just like the mob in the black area, Only robbery!


8、Bala Pillai

Perhaps we all forget that China has been full of pride in the past two thousand years, so they must not be satisfied with being servants!


显然,从历史角度对现象进行分析的印尼网友“Bala Pilla”可谓一语中的:中国在过去的两千年里充满了骄傲,所以中国人不会满足于做佣人。





然后,他们在默默地工作下逐渐的集聚了属于自己的财富,正如外国网友“Albert Kam”所说:不断自我完善是中国人的本能!